The lights are on again across West Texas, especially for those seeking great home insurance in Midland and Odessa.

For those living in our part of the state, you know high school football is more than just a sport.

It’s a way of life.

It’s a source of pride, a source of community, and a source of hope.

So whether you root for high school teams in Odessa or Midland, we know, like us, you understand the draw of Friday Night Lights. 

What West Texas Football and Home Insurance Have in Common

Proper home insurance is much like a good football team in West Texas. Both require teamwork and comprehensive coverage to succeed.

 Here are a few ways that football and insurance are alike:

Preparation and Strategy

 In football, you can’t just show up on game day and expect to win. You need to practice and develop a game plan. The same is true with insurance. You can’t just buy a policy and then forget about it. You need to make sure that you have the right coverage for your needs and that you understand the terms of your policy.


Football is a team sport that requires all players to pitch in. You can’t win without the cooperation of your teammates. The same is true with insurance. You can’t get the most out of your policy without having the right components working in harmony to provide peace of mind in the event of a claim. 


In football, players make sacrifices for the good of the team. They may have to play through injuries or give up their personal time to practice. The same is true with insurance. You may have to pay higher premiums or make other sacrifices in order to get the coverage you need. You will see this pay off when it comes to making a claim.


In football, players wear protective gear to protect themselves from injury. The same is true with insurance. Insurance protects your assets from financial loss in the event of an unexpected event, such as a fire or a storm.

Know Your Opponents

When it comes to protecting your home, home insurance is your best defense against unforeseen hazards. Just like in a football game, home insurance is designed to shield you from opponents that can cause significant damage. Let’s explore how home insurance hazards compare to football opponents.

In football, you face opponents from different teams, each with their own strategies and tactics meant to disrupt your plans and schemes.

Similarly, home insurance policies are tailored to shield homeowners against various hazards like earthquakes, floods, maintenance issues, wear and tear, and even pesky pest infestations. These hazards can cause damage and disrupt your peace of mind.

You have to counter those opponents with your own schemes and tactics. 

However, just as football has certain limitations, home insurance coverage also has exclusions. For instance, some policies might not cover damage caused by certain natural disasters or may exclude coverage for intentional acts. It’s crucial to review your policy thoroughly to understand the protection it offers.

Like in football, you don’t want weakness exposed due to lack of preparation.

Fortunately, homeowners have the option to expand their coverage beyond the basic policy. Additional coverage options, like personal property coverage and liability insurance, can reduce out-of-pocket costs in case of theft or accidents on your property.

A Great Game Plan

Just as a sound football strategy can lead to on-field success, a well-rounded approach to home insurance can help ensure that your property and assets are protected. A great game plan begins with understanding the types of coverage available and the limits of each type. There are three main categories of coverage: dwelling protection, personal property protection, and liability protection.

It’s important to understand what each type of coverage includes and the limits of each policy. Dwelling protection covers damage to your house itself, such as fire, windstorm, and hail damage. Personal property coverage can protect your belongings like furniture and electronics from theft or destruction due to a covered event. Liability coverage provides protection if someone is injured on your property or if you are held responsible for damage to someone else’s property.

In football, the best teams are those that can adapt and adjust their strategy to meet the challenges of each game. The same is true with home insurance. Having a comprehensive understanding of your coverage needs and limits will ensure that you have the protection you need when it counts.

So how can you make sure that you have a good insurance strategy?

Here are a few tips:

  • Do your research. Before you buy a policy, make sure that you understand what it covers and what it doesn’t cover. You should also compare quotes from different insurance companies to get the best deal.
  • Get the right coverage. Not all insurance policies are created equal. Make sure that you get the coverage that you need to protect your assets.
  • Review your policy regularly. Your insurance needs may change over time. Make sure to review your policy regularly to make sure that it still meets your needs.

Get Proper Coaching 

When it comes to insurance, it’s important to get the proper coaching. Don’t just buy a policy without understanding what you’re getting into. Talk to the experienced insurance agents at Mike LIvely Insurance Agency who can help explain the details and give you guidance on what type of coverage is best for your situation.

This will help ensure that you get the most out of your policy and have peace of mind when something unexpected happens.

Our agency is committed to providing homeowners in West Texas with comprehensive coverage options tailored to the unique risks of the region. With our expertise in the local market and personalized approach, we offer peace of mind to homeowners in this area.

In addition to standard homeowners policies, we offer add-on coverages that address specific risks faced by residents in West Texas. These additional coverages provide an extra layer of protection and help mitigate potential financial losses.

Our experienced team also guides homeowners through the claims process, ensuring a smooth and efficient resolution.

When it comes to protecting your home and belongings in West Texas, you want a winning formula. 

We’ll help you there.