When looking at your home insurance coverage, you may question, “Do I have enough?”

Make sure you take the important step to know that you have enough coverage for the full value of your home, as well as its contents.

Knowing your coverage limits can help you avoid any nasty surprises during a traumatic time if you suffer loss at your property.

Good Questions to Ask About Home Insurance Coverage

To ensure that you are covered adequately against potential damages or losses, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my building coverage sufficient to replace my home if it was destroyed?
  • Does my policy cover permanent fixtures and fittings (e.g., kitchen units)?
  • Do I need additional coverage for valuable items such as jewelry and artwork?
  • Am I covered for storm damage, theft, or burglary?
  • Are the possessions in my garden, garage, or shed included in my home insurance policy?

Covering West Texas

If you call Texas home, take into account the state’s higher-than-average home insurance rates.

Owning a home in Texas can be an expensive endeavor due to the state’s unique combination of risks and costs.

Texans must face potential damage brought on by natural disasters like tornadoes or hurricanes which are more common here than in many other parts of the country.

West Texas isn’t immune to the high costs.

Shop around for the best home insurance policy that fits your needs and budget and this will help mitigate the cost.

Speaking with an independent home insurance agent like Mike Lively Insurance Agency will bring great coverage and cost options to the table for you to consider.

We pride ourselves on providing great advice on getting the most from your home insurance policy.

We also help our clients in Midland, Odessa, and surrounding areas with auto, business, and life insurance solutions.

No matter the insurance solution you need, by asking yourself the questions above and partnering with a trustworthy insurance provider, you can start to relax safe in the knowledge that you have the proper coverage should something go wrong.

From what we know and see, it usually does at some point.

Cover it early. Cover it right, West Texas.